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Privacy Policy By Websprog To Be Explained Herewith The Content

WebsProg welcomes all its visitors and users cordially plus the site wants all its visitors and users to go through the privacy policy before to take any service. Privacy policy commences how WebsProg protects as well as uses all the information provided by the users in the website http://websprog.com/ and its sub-pages. WebsProg is highly committed to protect the information with privacy shield for those who visit the site and use it.

To specify, the privacy policy governs by http://websprog.com/ contains confidential information concerning to different areas of confidentiality and delineates the necessities of users along with website owner, the websites and WebsProg as well. The policy also specifies how the website collects, stores, and processes the users’ data and necessary information in a secured way.

WebsProg Abides By Laws

http://websprog.com/ - website uses a set of cookies to provide better user experiences to its visitors as well as users. The website has a unique tracker to monitor the activities of the users when they visit the site, navigate it and use information. The cookies and the tracking software do not indulge containing personal information but the information provided by the browser. The tracking software saves cookie to the computers that are used to visit the site but it does not store or collect personal information.

Use of Cookies

Users get the option to accept or decline the cookies while visiting the site. Users can modify the browser setting to accept or decline cookies. But, it prevents users to take full advantages of using the WebsProg website.


The website does not share any personal information of the users with distributors or third-parties to protect the data and information shared or stored by users while they took services from WebsProg. The website not allows the third-parties to contact the users if personal data and information has already shared for previous service exchanges. Even, the information obtained by cookies is not used to run any marketing campaign.

For Contact & Communication

Information the website gathers to provide service to its users remain safe with all safety measures. The site only offers safe communication to its users while taking information for further business deals and future communication. Information shared by the users to process any request or to take any service is only used based on the request by the users themselves to contact. Otherwise, the site does not ask for any information without any service request or other request placed by the user itself. The site does not indulge in selling or distributing personal data of users to other companies without prior permission of the uses.

Links to Other Websites (External Links)

Every so often, this website may provide links to external websites. Thus, users who choose to use these links will do it on their own risks. The site is not liable to protect any data or information when a user leaves http://websprog.com/ to visit another site. The site does not have any control over the privacy policy of other websites. This website does not control the content, terms or use or privacy policy of any external websites in any way. Users are requested to go through the terms of use and privacy policy of other websites. The owners of WebsProg do not guarantee or authenticate the content of other websites linked notwithstanding their best efforts.