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Terms and Conditions Preserved by WebsProg Solely

WebsProg welcomes all its users as well as visitors on its website and requests them to undergo the terms and conditions carefully before to opt for any service. By using the website http://websprog.com/, you are reckoned to abide by the terms and conditions governed by WebsProg.

WebsProg preserves the exclusive right to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time it feels for. Users are requested to check the terms once in a while to if any changes made or terms modified. When you use the website after changes made by us it means you totally agree with the following terms and conditions, and we are not responsible if you have not reviewed them. You can evade the use of the site if you are not comfortable with the terms and conditions at any point.

The terms and conditions set by WebsProg for its users and buyers outlined below are subjected to be abided by its users (referred to as “Clients”) when they wish to take services and products (referred to as “Services”) from WebsProg.

Terms of Service

The terms of the agreement will be commenced on the date on which the clients agree to take services, and the agreement will be ended when terminated either by the client or service provider.

Service Description

WebsProg can provide one or more services to its clients mentioned on the website and it can add new features to services to enhance its quality and the features will be considered to be the part of service.

WebsProg has the full right to change, suspend or withdraw the services if payment is not done by clients on time according to an agreement or there is any unwanted delay from the client without any notice.

Right to Access Information

WebsProg can ask its clients to provide personal information and detail when clients desire to take services from WebsProg. It is expected by WebsProg that information and details provided by clients are genuine, complete and current when clients already have undergone the terms and conditions before to take services. If WebsProg finds any dispute in the information then it has the right to cancel or refuse the deal with clients at any point in time by terminating or suspending clients’ accounts.

Responsibilities in the Work front

WebsProg takes full responsibility for the quality of the projects prepared for its clients. If there is any loss incurred by the clients in using website design prepared by WebsProg or malfunctioning of the website or any part of design then WebsProg is liable to fulfill the loss correcting the design. Works done by WebsProg will remain the property of WebsProg, until or unless the client will clear the payment. WebsProg has the right to sell or modify the work for commercial purposes if the first party is unable to pay for it according to the agreement.


WebsProg has the sole right to use its intellectual property including website design, graphics, logo, text, source code, and software on its own.

Accepting the terms and conditions of the website, you are allowed to use the website and its property for personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to use the property for sale or to store or distribute or download for commercial use.

Disclaimers & Limitations of Liability

WebsProg does not take any responsibility if the website malfunctions or goes interrupted in your browser, or causes any damage or malware to your system while accessing the site.

In submitting personal information and detail to obtain service users indicate that confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned above.

If you feel any doubt or want to ask anything then you are free to contact us.